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MINISTRY OF NEW & RENEWABLE ENERGY - Energy Efficient Solar/Green Buildings

Scope - 

a) Incentives for capacity building and awareness activities for promotion of Green Buildings
b) Financial support for preparation of guidelines, case studies for green buildings rated under other prevalent rating system, popular literature/books on green buildings and retrofitting with renewable energy and energy efficiency interventions etc.
c) Incentives for renewable energy projects installations

Last Date of Application - February 28, 2014

Budget - Not Fixed

Details are given at



Deadline – 28th February, 2014

Details given at



Deadline - 15 March, 2014

Budget – Upto 1 Lac

Scope - Ministry of Earth Sciences is currently accepting proposals for organizing events on the occasion of Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd. The activity can be local, regional as well as national.

Details given at


SMALL INITIATIVES FUND PROJECT - Brooke Hospital for Animals

Deadline: 22nd March, 2014

Budget – 4.5 Lacs

Scope - The aim of the Small initiatives fund is to support small, practical initiatives that (i) assist in the improvement of the welfare of the working horses, donkeys and mules in areas where there is proven need, (ii) work with the communities who depend on those working animals and (iii) support learning by generating lessons learned based on the experiences within these initiatives.

Details are given at


PROGRAMS FOR 2014 - National Implementing and Monitoring Agency for Training (NIMAT)

Deadline – 31st March, 2014

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Entrepreneurship Development Programme / Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme



EoI - Implementation of PURA (Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) Scheme in PPP Framework at Miraj Block of Sangli District, Maharashtra

Ministry of Earth Sciences – Fund for Seminar/Workshop/Conference

Grant Amount – Local – 1 Lac / Regional – 2 Lac / National – 5 Lac

Scope –

Support the platforms for interaction between Experts, Scientists, Environmentalists, General public and user communities to exchange the knowledge of Ocean &  Atmospheric Science and Technology, and to disseminate the information such as Agro-Met services to farmers, weather parameters to people, societal Programmes etc.

Rashtriya Bal Kosh - National Child Fund

Grant Amount – Upto 7-10 Lacs

Scope –

  • Projects for rehabilitation of destitute children, as far as possible in families;
  • Projects for welfare and rehabilitation of destitute children in slum and low income groups;
  • Low cost innovative projects for children in need of immediate attention.
  • Socio-economic projects for destitute mothers to supplement family income to support children;
  • Welfare and educational services for working children in unserved and underserved areas;
  • Projects for Welfare of children affected by trafficking.
  • Projects for welfare of children of prostitutes.
  • Projects for girl child needing special attention.
  • Projects for welfare and development of disabled children
  • All other projects to be taken in the unserved and underserved tribal and remote areas in pursuance of
  • National Charter for Children, 2003, notified by the Department of Women and Child Development.
  • The proposals for one time value addition to the existing projects fulfilling NCF’s assistance criteria.
  • Model Projects to the Good NGOs shortlisted by State Governments and Union Territories.

Other Schemes - 

Ministry of Women & Child Development - SWADHAR

National Commission for Women - Seminar/Workshop, Research, LAP & PMLA